What is KVM over IP?

By definition a KVM Switch enable you to control multiple computers or servers from one (or more) keyboard, mouse and monitor. That solution works very well in local environments and save you space, personnel time and money.

Now, in the age of wide connectivity, massive data centers, co-location and hosted service .... how can you have the same control over these computers and servers as if you were setting in front of them (as in tradional analog KVM switch) that is what KVM over IP Switches do.

So a KVM Over IP Switch allow you to control as many computers and servers remotely over an IP network with complete access at BIOS level to keyboard, mouse, monitor, audio, attached storage and more.

How do KVM Over IP Switches work?
  • KVM over IP Switches connects each computer keyboard, mouse and monitor to the switch locally. These connection can be made using analog KVM cables (USB and VGA for example) or through CAT5 cable that using a KVM Dongle
  • The KVM over IP Switch is then connects to the ethernet network and set up to be accessed over IP.
  • All KVM over IP Switches on the market today have a built-in web server so you may access the switch using any standard web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox). Once inside the interface you are able to choose which computer or server to control.
  • Some KVM over IP Switches on the market today have the option of connecting through Telnet or VNC console client.
  • More information available about KVM over IP at Wikipedia
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